All About The Food Tour

A food tour is usually a fabulous experience with the right tour guide. When having an excellent tour, you get to be professionally guided through different local food and beverage scenes. It is the right way of tasting different local dishes, ingredients and also to learn the history and way of life of the region plus how it made the cuisine famous in that region.

 Food tours can last as long as the tourist wants or pays for. A tour can last for 24 hours, multiple days as agreed on, or just about 5 hours. Such tours are often conducted in small groups by bus, bicycle, segway, or by walking through the city or neighborhood of the tour, although a private tour is usually available by car or bikes.

A food tour is charged based on the location, city, or country visited. More extended tours with amenities usually cost more.

Food Availability In Food Tours

Food can be available on a food tour dependent on the operators. Some tour packages usually come with tasting food samples that can cover for a meal. You may also be the one to buy from the visited locations. All of these are usually made known from the Guide websites or can be announced before a touring session commences.

Food allergies are likely to occur in such tours. Nonetheless, they can be avoided by considering the kind of tour, and by letting the tour guide know your needs before booking for a session. Again, you can decide which food to sample or not to when you know the ingredients it is made up of.

As touring sessions occur, one may want to give a tip to the tour guide for a job well done. In the Chinatown tour, for example, it is a practice to provide a 15 to 20% tip to a private tour guide unless included as part of the tour payment. For a public tour, $1-2 for the guide and driver (where applicable) is accepted. In the global village, tipping tour guides vary depending on the location. It is included as payment, or you are advised on what is applicable in different regions by International Tour Agencies.

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