Enjoying The Favourite Japenese Festivals During Your Vacation

Are you planning to visit Japan to take part in the famous festivals of this country? The country not only offers mesmerizing views of its cities and various other tourist locations, it is also renowned for the popular festivals. If you are keen to make it to Japan during the festivals, you must try to learn about the options you can explore. One of the most famous festivals is Kanda Matsuri representing the city of Tokyo. The portable shrines or Mikoshi travel through the streets with dancers and musicians, and the procession takes place until they return to Kanda Myojin shrine in the evening. This festival takes place on those years that are odd-numbered in the month of May.

Tenjin and Gion Matsuri

The Tenjin festival is one of the three major summer festivals in which Mikoshi or portable shrine is again carried around the streets and remains at the river with fireworks ending it all. The procession begins from Tenmangu shrine and reaches River Okawa on the third day. For the tourists, the cooling water of the river and the food stalls are the other interesting options for which tourists can feel encouraged to visit the country. Another festival in which to participate is Gion Matsuri and the highlight of this festival is ‘Yamaboko Junko’, which is the procession of floats. If you are in a mood to celebrate, you will enjoy the colourful spirit of the occasion, along with food and drinks. Over a million tourists visit the Japanese festival during the month of July.

Kanamara Matsuri

This festival is one of those occasions that enjoy widespread recognition and takes place in the month of April. There are different tales surrounding this festival and you will realize the spirit once you enjoy the sweets and goods. If you want to be a part of this occasion, you can talk to the travel operator today.

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