Take an exotic vacation, enchant your senses

People love to go on vacations, as they are the gateway to fun-filled leisure time during which you do not have to worry about your daily duties. What would be more promising than to visit most friendly destination during your summer or winter vacation? This is the main reason why most of the tourists from around the globe prefer to visit Tokyo during fall season or in summers.

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Things which you need to explore

Sensoji Temple

This one of the renowned temples in Tokyo build by Buddhist monks and around the premises you will be able to find several wooden shops. They will truly enchant your senses and you will be able to buy different souvenirs for your friends and colleagues. Sensoji Temple is painted in vibrant red color which is the significance of vitality and enthusiasm and here you will also be able to look several engravings and paintings on the wall.

Museum of digital arts

When you are taking Tokyo tours then you can’t afford to miss a sneak peak of museum which is dedicated to digital arts. One of the most interesting things about this museum is that you do not get any map for the place instead you have to explore it on your own. This will keep you enthralled all the time as different kinds of digital exhibitions will surprise you. Few things which are considered cornerstones of this place are tea house, floating nest and athletic forest.

Memory lane

It is considered one of the traditional markets in whole Tokyo where you will be able to find restaurants which serve exotic to gourmet cuisines. Moreover, at this place you will be able to buy craftwork designed by experienced and local artists with which you can decorate your house. The best time to visit this market place is from 05:00 in the evening till the midnight hour.


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